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Annual Bedding License Application

No person shall import, manufacture, renovate, wholesale, or reupholster stuffed toys or articles of bedding, or sell or offer for sale any second-hand stuffed toy or any second-hand article of bedding, in this state without first registering. 

How To Apply For A License In Ohio

Complete the Annual License Application making sure all areas are completed: 

  • The first box is for your company name, address, etc.  In the next box, circle the type of business that best describes your company.  Next, briefly describe the type of product(s) you will be selling or bringing into Ohio for sale.
    • Example:  Bedding, Mattresses, Upholstered Furniture, Plush Toys, Etc.  If you already have a registration number from another state, please check YES in the next box and list the number there.
  • In the middle section, “Check Statements Which Apply”
    • Check box (1) only if you want Ohio to issue you a new registration number.
    • Check box (2) if you already have a number from another state and you want Ohio to recognize that number, list the number on the line, and include a copy of the certificate from the issuing state. Note: Please do not check box (1) if you have checked box (2).
    • Check box (3) if your products contain new material only.
    • Check box (4) and send a sample of your product to the Laboratory. (Follow the instructions on the application form.)
    • Check box (5) only if your products are made of secondhand material. Please complete all of the questions in the next section on page 2. If you need additional space to write company names, addresses and phone numbers, use the back of the form.  
    • Please note the Annual Report and four cent ($.04) per item fee. Please sign and date the form. When paying by check, please list the check number. Please make checks payable to Treasurer State of Ohio

Registration Numbers

The state of Ohio follows the Uniform Registration Number code. When requesting recognition of another state’s number, please provide the complete registration number along with a copy of your current license from the issuing state.

  • If your manufacturing plants are located in the United States, each plant must have its own registration number.
    • Example: If you have one manufacturing plant in Ohio and a second one in California, both plants must have a separate license and registration number.
  • If you are an overseas manufacturer or using overseas manufacturers, each manufacturing plant must have a separate license and registration number.
    • Example: All manufacturing plant locations would have to have their own separate license and registration number.
  • A correct registration number will have the abbreviation of the state issuing the number listed first, followed by the registration number.  If the manufacturing plant is not located in the same state that issued the license, the abbreviation of the state where the plant is located will follow the number.
    • Example: OH 23456 CA . This is an example of a company that is registered by Ohio and the manufacturing plant is located in California.

How To Register If You Are A Manufacturer

If you are a manufacturer with several plant locations in the United States, you must register each location separately. If you are an overseas manufacturer, you must register each location separately.

  • If you manufacture the product, but do not bring the items directly into Ohio for sale, please list the importer or distributor that brings the items into Ohio on the second page of the application form (Question 3 and/or Question 4).  The company directly bringing the products into Ohio for sale or causing items to be made available for sale in Ohio is responsible for the four cent ($.04) per item Annual Report.
  • If you manufacture articles and directly sell, deliver for sale, offer for sale, wholesale, consign, remake, repair, or renovate in the state of Ohio, you must register and will be responsible for the laboratory analysis and the four cent ($.04) per item Annual Report. 

How To Register If You Are An Importer Or Distributor

When registering as an importer or distributor, you will be issued a separate Ohio registration number. This number will be used to identify your company as the responsible entity bringing regulated products into Ohio.  The company directly bringing the products into Ohio for sale or causing items to be made available for sale in Ohio is responsible for the four cent ($.04) per item Annual Report.

  • You must list each manufacturer of the products that you will be bringing into Ohio for sale. The manufacturer’s registration number is the one used on the law label.  If there is not enough room on the application (on page 2, question 2) to list all of the manufacturers used, please use a separate piece of paper. Each manufacturer must be currently registered by the state of Ohio.  
    • Example: If you are bringing into the state of Ohio ten different items and each is made by a different manufacturer, please list each manufacturer along with their registration number, address, phone and fax number, email address, and contact person(s), as each manufacturer must have a separate license and registration number.

Sending A Sample

A sample of your product and law label or draft of the label (also include a copy of the certificate if requiring recognition of another state’s registration number) must be submitted to our laboratory at the same time you send in your license application.  Also, please send a picture of the finished product. You will need to send these items to:

Ohio Bedding Laboratory
6606 Tussing Road
Reynoldsburg, OH 43069

  • Furniture or Mattress Sample - A furniture or mattress sample could consist of a number of different types of filling materials.  Please contact our laboratory at 614-995-0773 for instructions on what is needed so we can keep your samples to a minimum.

  • Pillow, Blanket, and/or Comforter Sample - If your product contains only one filling material, send a 12-inch by 12-inch sample of the filling material. If the product contains two or more filling materials, send the entire item. 

  • Stuffed Toy Sample - Please send the entire item.  If you have articles with different filling materials, we will need one sample of each item that contains the different filling materials.

  • Blended Fiber Sample - These items must be sent to a designated testing laboratory for analysis, for a complete list of Approved Designated Laboratories click here.

Report Of Analysis

After the sample has been tested, you will receive a laboratory Report of Analysis.  A component of the testing includes law label validation. Should the label be incorrect, we will provide information to you to make the proper corrections. After making the corrections, you must submit a draft of the label for approval.

Our laboratory will accept an actual law label or one in draft form, along with the sample.  If you do not have a law label for your product, the report of analysis will list the filling content exactly as it should be stated on your label. You must submit a draft of the label for approval.

Testing Fees

You will receive a separate invoice for the testing services based on the number of tests that were necessary to determine the nature of your filling materials, along with the report of analysis.