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Application for Annual Approval


Section 105.1.5 Ohio Building Code allows that in lieu of an individual approval for each alteration to an existing electrical, mechanical, gas, plumbing, or piping installation, the building official may issue an annual approval to any person, firm, or corporation regularly employing individuals holding the related board certification in the building, structure, or on the premises owned or operated by the applicant for the approval.

Application qualification

  1. Only alterations to electrical, mechanical, gas, plumbing, or piping installation in existing buildings can be qualified for an annual approval process. New building construction and/or building additions are not qualified for this process.
  2. The owner(s) of the property must regularly employ individuals who hold the related certificates issued by Ohio Board of Building Standards to perform the work in the buildings within premises.

Application procedures

  1. The application for annual approval and required fees must be completed and submitted annually. For more information, please contact our office at (614) 644-2622.
  2. All information regarding the employees who hold board certificates must be listed on the form, a copy of each certificate, and a site plan listing all buildings and/or structures within the premises with their proper addresses must be submitted with the application.
  3. The person to whom an annual approval is issued shall keep a detailed record of alteration made under such annual approval. The building official and/or his designees shall have access to these records at all times and the records shall be submitted to the building official annually. These records shall include the applicable construction documents in accordance with section Ohio Building Code.

Application form

  1. Apply online through DIC web portal: If you have not registered as a member in the web portal, you must complete the registration process first. Once you are registered, you can follow the screen instructions to apply for “Annual Approval” as application type and upload all required supporting documents (in .PDF format) in the attachment tab.
  2. Apply in paper format: To apply by mail you may contact our office for the Ohio Application for Annual Approval (DIC 1024 form) by submitting request in the Contact Us page.

Application fees

  • An application fees of $650.00 per each Board certificate holder and $5.00 per scope of work included in the application for Ohio Board of Building Standards fees shall be submitted with the application.