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Application for Building Demolition


This policy is generated to provide general policies and procedures for the approval of building demolition according to the provisions in Section 3303 Ohio Building Code.

Application qualifications

  • This application is for the demolition of the entire building and no new building will be constructed at the same location.
  • If a new building will be constructed at the same location right after the demolition of the old building(s), the building demolition work can be included in the new building construction permit; no need for an additional demolition permit.
  • A partial building demolition or interior demolition is considered a building alteration project that should be reviewed under the application for building plan approval; not a building demolition permit application. 

Application form

  • Apply in paper format: To apply by mail you may contact our office for the DIC 3221 form by submitting request in the Contact Us page.
  • The building demolition application is NOT available through DIC web portal. 

Application documents required

  • Application form: Complete and submit one copy of the “Application for Building Demolition” (DIC3221) and fees for each building.
  • An affidavit or letter signed by the building owner to acknowledge and authorize the building demolition.   
  • Plan requirements: Submit three (3) sets of construction plans and documents (plans are NOT necessarily required to be sealed by an Ohio registered design professionals), at a minimum, shall include the following:
    1. Site details: Construction documents shall show the location of the building to be demolished, location of adjacent buildings and their means of egress, details of pedestrian protection/barriers, as well as dimensions to the interior property lines and/or streets. Fire department access shall be maintained as per the local fire official.
    2. Building details: The plans shall indicate the extent of the removal of the building footing/foundations, specifications on back-fill materials, ground elevations/topography after completion, means of preventing water accumulation, adjacent property protection, utility capping/disconnection information, etc.
    3. Building Service/Fire Protection details: The plans shall indicate locations of portable fire extinguishers, maintaining required means of egress in the building during demolition.

Other Agencies and Code Requirements

  • Building demolition shall comply with provisions for pedestrian protection, adjoining property protection, vacant lot conditions, water accumulation, and utility disconnections in accordance with Ohio building Code Section 3303.
  • The Ohio EPA Division of Air Pollution must be notified even if no asbestos or other hazardous materials are present. Contact Ohio EPA at 614-644-2270. Notification forms can be obtained at www.epa.ohio.gov.
  • The Ohio Department of Health must be notified if more than 50 lineal feet of 50 square feet of asbestos is present. Contact the Ohio Department of Health at 614-466-0016. Notification of abatement forms can be obtained at www.odh.ohio.gov.
  • Always contact the local Fire Department prior to demolition. You may search for local fire departments on-line at www.comapps.ohio.gov/sfm/fire_apps/fmpr/FDLookup/.