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Application for Certificate of Partial Occupancy


Section 111.1 Ohio Building Code states that no building or structure, in whole or in part, shall be used or occupied until the building official has issued an approval in the form of a certificate of occupancy. The certificate of occupancy shall indicate the conditions under which the building shall be used. The building owner shall only use the structure in compliance with the certificate of occupancy and any stated conditions. 

Application qualifications:

  • This application is for an on-going building permit that the building owner wishes to occupy a portion or the entire building while the other portion of the building is still under construction. 
  • The portion of the building requesting for occupancy must be in a complete and safe condition for all building components, means of egress, building systems, fire protection system, and plumbing system.  
  • This application is not for applying for a certificate of occupancy for exiting buildings WITHOUT any alteration, addition, or change of occupancy.

Application form:

  • Apply online through DIC web portal. If you have not registered as a member in the web portal, you must complete the registration process first. Once you are registered, you can select "Partial Occupancy" as the application type and follow the screen instructions to apply for the certificate of partial occupancy and upload all required supporting documents (in .PDF format) in the attachment tab.
  • Apply in paper format: Click the "Download" tab in the attachment block at the right of this screen to download the application form DIC 3019A. Complete the application form and mail in, fax in (614) 644-3145, or e-mail in (BDCCPlans@com.state.oh.us) the application form along with all required supporting documents.

Required supporting documents:

  1. Completed application for certificate of occupancy (DIC 3019A) either in paper format or through DIC web portal
  2. Payment for application fees,
  3. A copy of the floor plans for the building showing all areas or rooms being requested for occupancy with room name and dimension for each room. It is important to list all the areas or rooms requesting for partial occupancy by room numbers or room names in the description box. The room names will be listed on the actual certificate of partial occupancy. Please DO NOT write "See attached plans" since no plans will be attached to the certificate. Please DO NOT write the square footage of the requested area (i.e. 21,774 SF)
  4. If the fire sprinkler system, fire alarm system, and/or other fire protection systems are required by the building code and other referenced codes, these fire protection systems for the areas requested for occupancy must be completed and inspected by fire authorities to ensure the safety for occupancy. Submit the fire protection system inspection reports with this application. If these required fire protection systems for the areas or rooms requesting for partial occupancy are not completed and inspected by the time of this application, an alternative fire watch plan or temporary fire protection systems approved by the local fire authority must be submitted with the application.
  5. Plumbing inspection reports showing the plumbing fixtures for the areas or rooms requesting for partial occupancy are inspected and functioning. If the plumbing fixtures will not be ready, an alternative plan for plumbing fixtures must be submitted to ensure that there will be plumbing fixtures ready for the occupants. 

Inspection and certificate issuance process:

  1. Allow up to 5 business days for the processing of the application. Additional questions may be directed to Building Code Compliance at 800/523-3581 or 614/644-2622 or e-mail in (BDCCPlans@com.state.oh.us).
  2. Once the application and supporting documents are reviewed and approved, you will receive written acceptance notification in the mail or e-mail regarding the procedures to schedule the appropriate structural and electrical safety inspections. This acceptance notification letter can also be viewed and downloaded from DIC web portal.
  3. Two safety inspections, structural safety and electrical safety, are required to ensure that the requested areas or rooms are ready and safe for occupancy. The safety inspection items will include readiness of the areas or rooms, temporary means of egress routes to building exits, temporary protections, temporary signages, temporary systems, etc..  These two safety inspections are in addition to the regular building inspections included in the building permit. If additional safety inspection is required, an additional inspection fee of $150 per inspection will be charged. 
  4. Once ALL required inspections are completed, a certificate of partial occupancy will be issued and mailed to the owner. The certificate of partial occupancy will also be available for download through DIC web portal.