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Application for Repetitive Projects


This policy is to establish an approval process for temporary structure projects that require plan approval due to the size or complexity of the structure; with the understanding that the same or similar structure will be erected in subsequent years in the same location. The intent of this policy is to accommodate customers that erect the same structures for annual events. Once the initial plan approval has been issued, the structure can be resubmitted and reviewed in subsequent years at a reduced plan approval fee. Note that smaller temporary structures that do not require plan approval can still be submitted under the “Application for Inspection without Requiring Sealed Plans” process.

Plan and document requirements

  • Submit application through DIC web portal (Select "Building Permit" as application type) or submit a completed Ohio Application for Building Plan Approval (DIC 3016 form)
  • Upload the previously approved plan set in .pdf format to DIC web portal attachment tab or submit one set of the approved set of plans from the previously approved plan set for the Examiner’s reference.
  • Upload the new plan set in .pdf format to DIC web portal attachment tab or submit three sets of new plans that indicate similar building and site information from the previous approval.
  • Copies of all supporting documents, specifications or operational procedures shall also be provided.

Other Agencies and Requirements

  • If a fire watch plan was approved and documented under the previous approval in accordance with the Ohio Fire Code, and a fire watch plan is anticipated under the new application, the fire watch information must be updated and approved by the local fire official. Most approved fire watch plans include the names of those responsible and respective duties of each person. Documentation of the local fire official approval shall be provided.
  • For large venues with high occupant loads, it is beneficial to have a preliminary meeting with all parties involved, including the State Fire Marshal’s office to coordinate issues. Please contact our office at 614-644-2622 to schedule a meeting.

Application fees

The application fees for the approval of repeat projects are as follows:  

  • $275.00 Processing fee for building general scope of work
  • $275.00 Processing fee for electrical scope of work
  • $130.00/hour Plan review hourly fee
  • $ 65.00 Certificate of Occupancy fee
  • $ 5.00 Ohio Board of Building Standards fee per scope of work

The base fees shall include up to 3 inspections for each scope of work. If additional inspections are required, each subsequent re-inspection beyond the 3 allocated inspections shall be $150 per 4101:7-7-01 OAC.