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Application for Roof Replacement Permit


This policy is for roof covering materials replacement only. Any roof replacement including alteration or replacement of roof structural members, roof-top mechanical equipment, etc., should be processed through a regular building permit process.

Code Requirements and References

Section 1507 Ohio Building Code provides general guidelines for re-roofing. Roof covering materials and installations shall comply with the requirements of the type of roof materials as specified in chapter 15 of Ohio Building Code.

Roof replacement permit procedures

Application form

  • Apply online through DIC web portal (Select "Building Permit" as application type).  If you have not registered as a member in the web portal, you must complete the registration process first. Once you are registered, you can follow the screen instructions to apply for “Building Permit” as application type and upload all required supporting documents (in .PDF format) in the attachment tab.
  • Apply in paper format: Complete the application form (DIC 3016) and mail in, fax in (614) 644-3145, or e-mail in (BDCCPlans@com.state.oh.us) the application form along with all required supporting documents.
  • A walk-in plan review appointment can be scheduled for re-roofing permits. Check the box “Request for expedited (walk-in) plan review appointment” on the paper building plan approval application form or apply through the web portal by selecting “walk-in” as application subtype. Additional expedited plan review fee of $275.00 per scope of work will be charged for all walk-in plan review in addition to the regular permit fees.

Plan requirements

  • Upload one set of .pdf format plans to DIC web portal attachment tab, or
  • Submit three (3) sets of construction plans in paper format.
  • Construction plans shall be sealed by an Ohio registered design professional except for simple projects with roof shingle replacement only. Construction documents, at a minimum, shall include the following:
  1. Site plan showing the location of the building and distance to the property lines, street, and adjacent buildings. 
  2. Roof plan: Construction documents shall show the proposed roof plan with proper dimensions and location of the building.
  3. Fire rated roof assembly: The design professional shall evaluate the existing roof assembly to determine if it is a part of “the required fire rated roof assembly” according to applicable building codes. If it is, the design professional shall provide construction details for the replacement roof to show that the required fire rating of the roof assembly is maintained. If not, it shall be indicated on the drawings or documents.
  4. Fire classification of roof assembly: The construction documents shall show roof materials and assembly classification in accordance with section 1505 OBC.
  5. Structural load verification: If the roof materials and assemblies are changed, the design professional shall evaluate and certify the structural load design of the existing roof is adequate for the new roof materials and/or assemblies.
  6. Roof insulation, drainage, and flashing: The construction details for the slope, drainage, and flashing shall be shown on the drawings.

Fees: Roof replacement fees are assessed as follows

  1. $275.00 Processing fee
  2. $ 10.50 A fixed square footage fee for a basic 100 square feet
  3. $ 65.00 Certificate of use and occupancy fee
  4. $ 5.00 Ohio Board of Building Standard fee per scope of work
  5. $355.50 Total permit fee