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Statement of Special Inspections


Pursuant to section 1704.2.3 Ohio Building Code, this statement of special inspections must be prepared by the applicant acting as the owner’s agent. 

Application procedures:

  1. The statement of special inspections can be submitted through DIC webportal or to apply by mail you may contact our office for the form by submitting request in the contact us page
  2. The registered design professional in responsible charge of the project shall identify all applicable items for special inspection in the statement according to Section 1705 Ohio Building Code. 
  3. The special inspector for each item must be identified in the statement and the resume/license of the special inspector shall be attached to the statement for review and approval. 
  4. This statement must be signed by the registered design professional in responsible charge of the project and the owner. 
  5. If the project is submitted through DIC web portal, this statement must be converted to .pdf format and inserted in the construction drawings/documents to be submitted. 
  6. If the project is submitted in a paper format, this statement must be attached to the construction documents as a part of the submission.

Special requirement:

For the purpose of clarifying the responsibilities between State Inspectors and Special Inspectors as required by Section 1704 OBC, a mandatory pre-construction meeting shall be scheduled by the owner or the agent of the owner for this project prior to the commencement of the construction. This meeting will allow the contractors, designers, owner, Special Inspectors, and State Inspectors to coordinate the responsibilities and requirements of the Special Inspection a and regular inspections. The owner or the agent of the owner shall notify the Chief of Building Code Compliance at (614) 644-2622 of the date, time, and place of the pre-construction meeting. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in the delay of construction and potential problems with subsequent construction inspections.