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File a Minimum Wage Complaint

There is no cost in having a valid complaint investigated by our office. Please be advised, we cannot provide legal advice or act as your attorney. Also, please note, this office is only able to pursue minimum wage for the hours that are found to be unpaid. You also have the option of pursing your complaint privately or you may wish to contact an attorney. However, you cannot pursue your complaint through both processes at the same time.

After reviewing the guidelines below, if you believe that your situation falls within our investigatory limitations, you may file a complaint with our office. 

The Bureau of Wage and Hour Administration investigates complaints involving the following:

  • Minimum wage not being paid,
  • Overtime not being paid,
  • Unauthorized deductions, and
  • Last paychecks being held.

We cannot collect wages owed for the any of the following reasons:

  • Vacation pay,
  • Sick leave,
  • Holidays, or
  • Other employment benefits promised to you.

In addition, we cannot investigate a complaint if you believe you were improperly terminated or if your employer did not properly withhold taxes, social security, etc. A complaint may be rejected if it does not contain complete and sufficient information. A complaint may also be rejected depending on your employment status (i.e. an exempt employee).