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Division Contact Guide

Division Contact Guide

To better assist you, please review the following information, including best contact methods, so we can get your questions answered as timely as possible.

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When are Division staff available to assist me?

Monday – Friday (excluding state holidays) from 8 am-5 pm.

Can I drop documents off in-person?

Yes. You can submit any documents in-person at our Tussing Road Office during the above hours. 

I got a letter saying I can renew my liquor permit in the online portal. What do I do next?

Please follow the instructions in the letter. If you have questions, you can refer to our Renewal Guide.

I have a question about my previously submitted renewal applications, including whether my payment was processed?

Please email our renewal staff at fileinquiry@com.ohio.gov. Please make sure to include your permit number in your email.

I mailed or delivered in-person a new or transfer liquor permit application to you. How can I tell if it was received?

Visit our search feature and enter as much information as you can where appropriate to see if your permit is being processed in our system.

I tried the search feature above, but I could not find my application or the check that was submitted with the application has not been cashed yet. Who can I contact?

Please email fileinquiry@com.ohio.gov. To help us find your application quicker, please include the following information in your e-mail:

  • Name of Applicant as it was listed on the application (i.e., if it was listed as an LLC, then provide the LLC name, not the name of the real person who owns the LLC)
  • Type of Application (New, Transfer of Ownership, Location, Trex, etc.)
  • Class(es) of permit applied for (i.e., D-1, D-2, etc)
  • City or Township where the permit premises will operate
  • County in which the permit premises is located
  • Date the application was sent to us (approximate, if actual unknown)

Most applications are entered into our system within 5 to 7 business days upon receipt. Please understand that applications that are impacted by Ohio’s quota system must be entered into our system in the order they are received, which may impact processing times.

I confirmed above that my new or transfer liquor permit application is being processed in your system. How can I find out what else needs to be done before it can be issued/transferred?

  • Please email fileinquiry@com.ohio.gov. Please make sure to include your permit number in your email. If you do not know your permit number, please include the name of the business as it was listed on the application (ie, what is the name of the business or person that the permit will be issued to), the street address, and city/township where the permit
    premises will operate. 
  • It is recommended that you allow at least 3 weeks processing time from the date your application was entered into our system before inquiring on status updates. This will allow us time to send any legally required notices to local governmental officials and start initially processing your application, including any local option election results that may need reviewed.

I need to send licensing documents to the Division, like entity disclosure forms, purchase agreements, financial documents, or tenancy forms. Where should I send it?

  • To help us make sure your documents are placed on the correct file, please include your permit number on each page. If your application has not yet been entered into our system (see above), then please include the:
    • applicant name, as it appeared on the submitted application,
    • address, city/township, and county where the business will operate, and
    • the type of application that you filed (i.e., transfer, new A, B, C, or D class, etc.).

I have a question about a question on a temporary event application.

Please email liquortemps@com.ohio.gov.

I need to schedule an inspection at my permit premises.

Please email our Investigative Services Section at LiqInvMail@com.ohio.gov. Include your permit number in your email and two forms of contact so that an agent can follow-up with you to schedule an inspection.

I am a supplier or I have alcoholic beverages that I need to register with the state.

Please email our Beer Wine section at LiqBeerWine@com.ohio.gov.

A payment I submitted could not be cashed due to insufficient funds. Who can I contact to resolve this situation?

Please email web.liqr@com.ohio.gov. Please include the permit number, if applicable, or the name of the business that applied for the permit. Also include the amount of the check and check number that did not clear.

I owe taxes to the state concerning my liquor permit premises. Who should I contact?

  • Please note that we do NOT have taxpayer information, including any amounts that may be owed or returns that may need to be filed. As noted above, you will need to reach out to Taxation directly to resolve any renewal tax issues or to secure a “tax proceed letter” for your transfer application.

My business received a notice of hearing regarding a citation and I have questions.

Please contact the Ohio Liquor Control Commission.

I have a question that I need answered that were not addressed above.

Please email us at web.liqr@com.ohio.gov. We will respond as quickly as we can.