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Regulatory Partners

Regulatory Partners

Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB)

Manufacturers, including suppliers, and Distributors must be licensed not only with us but also with TTB, which is a federal agency. Additionally, all product labels need to be registered with us and may require a certificate of label approval (“COLA”) with TTB. To learn more about TTB and things like your federal basic permit or COLAs, visit their website, TTB.

Liquor Industry Associations

In addition to permit holders, there are some associations we work in conjunction with to communicate statutory changes, process/procedure changes, etc. Some of those industry partners include:

Local Governmental Authorities

We work with many local governmental authorities for a variety of reasons. Some of those include:

  • Municipal Corporations and Townships to create Community Economic Developments, Designated Outdoor Refreshment Areas, and Revitalization Districts; 
  • Local legislative authorities when they object to the issuance, transfer, or renewal of certain retail permits issued within its jurisdiction;
  • Local police departments and sheriff offices to enforce some liquor laws and in conducting local background checks on potential permit holders; and
  • Local county board of elections to determine a locations ability to sell the type of alcohol (I.e., wet/dry) requested.

Ohio Attorney General's Office

The Ohio Attorney General's Office provides legal counsel for us, including representation in any hearings where we are a party. This includes hearings before the Ohio Liquor Control Commission. Additionally, the Attorney General’s Office Collections Enforcement Section works with the Ohio Department of Taxation and other state agencies to ensure that permit holders are current with any fees/taxes owed to the state, like unemployment compensation, worker’s compensation, commercial activity taxes, and sales tax.  

Ohio Liquor Control Commission

The Liquor Control Commission ensures compliance with the liquor laws and regulations of the state of Ohio. The Commission's three appointed members sit as a “court” by providing fair and impartial hearings for the protection of the public and liquor permit holders. The Commission also adopts and promulgates rules, standards, and requirements regarding the manufacture, distribution, and sale of alcoholic beverages in Ohio. In conjunction with us, the Commission also works with OIU, the Attorney General's Office, and Taxation.

Ohio Department of Public Safety (Ohio Investigative Unit)

As it relates to liquor, the Ohio Investigative Unit (OIU) enforces Ohio's liquor laws both criminally and administratively. OIU investigates matters involving suspected illegal activity in liquor permit premises like food stamp fraud, illegal gambling, overserving patrons, and selling to underage persons. OIU also ensures that locations are not selling alcohol while under suspension or without a valid liquor permit. 

Ohio Department of Taxation

We work with the Department of Taxation to identify tax delinquent permit holders. By law, we cannot renew a yearly liquor permit if Taxation has identified it as missing returns or owing money. Moreover, we must notify Taxation when a permit holder wants to change the ownership of a permit from one entity to another. Like above, we cannot transfer the ownership of a permit until Taxation gives the okay. To resolve outstanding delinquencies with Taxation related to your liquor permit, you should contact LiquorGroup@tax.state.oh.us