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Division of Liquor Control Sections

Division of Liquor Control Sections


The Division serves two main functions. First, we license and regulate approximately 25,000 permit holders, which includes manufacturers, distributors, and retail locations. Second, we, since Ohio is a control state, oversee the sale and distribution of spirituous liquor in Ohio through contract agency stores. The below sections help us accomplish these functions and ensure compliance with Ohio's Liquor Control Act (Title 43 of the Revised Code). 

Licensing Section

News and Transfers Retail Section

A person or business registered to do business in Ohio can apply for a new liquor permit or seek to transfer the location, ownership, or ownership and location of an existing permit. The news/transfers retail section works with local county board of elections, local police departments, BCI, the Ohio Department of Taxation, and local legislative authorities like cities, townships, and county commissioners to get a permit holder licensed. For information regarding the status of a pending application, please e-mail fileinquiry@com.ohio.gov.  

Renewal Section

Issued permit holders must renew their permit annually. Sometimes, an existing business may change its corporate or limited liability membership structure. When this occurs, documentation, including a transfer application in some cases, may be needed. The Renewal Section processes these business structural changes in addition to the annual renewal applications for the 25,000 permit holders it regulates. For more information, please contact fileinquiry@com.ohio.gov.

Temporary Permit Section 

In addition to the above, Ohio law allows for qualifying, not for profit groups to apply for temporary permits. The Temporary Permit Section processes these applications.  

Beer & Wine Section

Housed under Licensing, the Beer and Wine Section ensures that all breweries, wineries and suppliers doing business in the State of Ohio are in compliance with applicable laws. Specifically, the Beer and Wine Section registers:

  • the alcoholic product sold on store shelves,
  • the labels on the products sold,
  • solicitors who promote products registered in Ohio,
  • suppliers of alcoholic beverages not manufactured in Ohio for distribution and sale in Ohio, and
  • issues manufacturing, distributor, transportation, and warehouse liquor permits. 

You can contact the Beer and Wine Section at Liquor_B&W@com.state.oh.us.

Investigative Services

The Investigative Services Unit physically inspects all liquor permit applicants and licensed permit holders in order to make sure that Ohio permit holders follow Ohio's liquor laws and regulations. Criminal provisions of the law, such as underage sales, are enforced by the Ohio Department of Public Safety's Investigative Unit. You can contact the Investigative Services Unit at LiqInvMail@com.state.oh.us.

Agency Operations (OHLQ)

Ohio Liquor (OHLQ) is a unique public/private partnership between the Ohio Department of Commerce's Division of Liquor Control and the JobsOhio Beverage System. OHLQ ensures the safe and fair distribution of high-proof liquor across our state and directs profits from the sale of liquor to fund economic development in Ohio. To learn more, visit OHLQ.com or contact the Liquor Enterprise Service Center at OhioLiquorInfo@com.ohio.gov with any questions.

Legal Section 

The Legal Section provides legal counsel to our various sections, it cannot provide legal advice to outside persons or businesses. In addition to providing internal legal advice, the Legal Section also administers hearings based upon objections by institutions or legislative authorities when either a permit is issued, transferred or renewed.