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Beer and Wine
Beer and Wine

Beer and Wine

The Beer & Wine Section either registers or licenses and oversees all:

  • Product labels for any beer, wine, or mixed beverage sold in Ohio;
  • Solicitors who work on behalf of manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers to promote alcoholic beverages in Ohio. 
  • Suppliers, which are companies who either make or act on behalf of alcoholic beverages made outside of Ohio, and
  • Ohio breweries, wineries, distilleries, warehouses, transporters, direct shippers, and distributers. 

Supplier Renewal Date Change

Previously, registered suppliers had to renew annually by June 30th. The new renewal date is now September 30th. If you have NOT yet filed to renew, you are now late and in jeopardy of losing your ability to sell your products in Ohio. Please NOTE that if you are a registered supplier and you hold a B-2a, S-1, or S-2 permit you MUST renew your supplier registration AND your direct shipping permit to remain active for both. 

Please email liqbeerwine@com.ohio.gov if you have any questions or need a supplier renewal application.