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Notification of Suspension of Privileges During a Home Brewing Event

A qualifying permit holder, as defined in R.C. 4301.201, can host, sponsor, or conduct a homebrewing event at its permit premises. If it chooses to do so, it must suspend its permit privileges during the event in the portion of the premises where the homebrewing event will take place.

The permit holder MUST notify the Ohio Investigative Unit and us 10 days prior to the event. In order to notify us, the permit holder should fill out the form below. 

Important information that qualifying permit holders hosting, sponsoring, or conducting events should know:

  • No homebrewed product can be sold.
  • No fees can be charged for consumption at the event.
  • Any homebrewed product must be separated out from your purchased alcoholic beverage inventory.
  • Please note that we do not oversee homebrewing events, other than the below required notice for issued permit holders. As such, we cannot provide legal advice on how to conduct an event. You should direct any questions to your attorney or your local law enforcement.