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Supplier Application

To register as a supplier to supply/import beer, wine, or pre-packaged mixed beverages in the state of Ohio, complete the application on this webpage.

For any product more than 21% ABV (or greater than or equal to 42 proof), please contact the Liquor Enterprise Service Center at 877-812-0013 to request access to Ohio Liquor’s OPS.OHLQ.com website. Once access is granted, you will submit your listing request for a high proof spirit on that website.

The supplier application, supporting documents and fees should be to: 

Ohio Division of Liquor Control
Attn: Beer and Wine Section
6606 Tussing Road
P.O. Box 4005
Reynoldsburg, OH 43068-9005

All Supplier Permits expire October 1st of each year with no refund of the fee for any unused portion or proration.  

Failure to respond to all questions will result in the return of this application and delay in applicant’s ability to sell products in Ohio. Deliberate falsification of information on this application may result in our refusal to issue the registration for supplier status.

Previously, registered suppliers had to renew annually by June 30th. The new renewal date is now September 30th. Please NOTE that if you are a registered supplier and you hold a B-2a, S-1, or S-2 permit you MUST renew your supplier registration AND your direct shipping permit to remain active for both. 

Please email liqbeerwine@com.ohio.gov if you have any questions or need a supplier renewal application.