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Forms Required with Applications

Below are additional forms that we may need to process your liquor permit applications or registrations. Please see the specific New or Transfer application or Beer/Wine registration instructions for the forms that MUST be submitted with your application/registration for us to even accept the application. Some of the additional forms that we may need before we can issue the permit are:

  • Summary of Tenancy Rights Form – if business applicant does not own premises
  • Partnership Disclosure Form – if entity is a partnership
  • Limited Liability Disclosure Form – if entity is a Limited Liability Corporation
  • Officer or Shareholder Disclosure Form – if entity is a corporation
  • Summary of Purchase Agreement -- only needed, as applicable, with transfer applications
  • If a background check is also required, use this link for more information on the Background Check Process.

If you need one of these forms, please see a link to the forms in the table below.  Please note that the above forms can be hand signed or signed through an e-signature.  To use the e-signature through pdf, you should see a little red tab next to the signature line.  If you do not see that red tab, download the form from our website.  Once you select the box to e-sign, you should see prompts of how to complete it.  You will need a current version of Adobe to use this feature.