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Russian-Made Vodka Pulled from OHLQ Shelves

Governor DeWine has directed the Ohio Department of Commerce to cease both the purchase and sale of all vodka made by Russian Standard until further notice. Russian Standard is the only overseas, Russian-owned vodka distillery with vodka sold in Ohio.

Russian Standard's vodka is sold under the brand names of Green Mark Vodka and Russian Standard Vodka. The Ohio Division of Liquor Control (DOLC), a division of the Ohio Department of Commerce, estimates that there are approximately 6,400 bottles of vodka made by Russian Standard currently for sale in Ohio's 487 liquor agencies across the state. DOLC has directed these retailers to immediately pull Green Mark Vodka and Russian Standard Vodka from their shelves. 

All other brands of vodka that are sold in Ohio, including those branded with Russian names, are purchased from distilleries not located in Russia.