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Liquor Control (DOLC)

DOLC regulates and licenses the manufacture, distribution, transportation, and sale of beer, wine, mixed beverages, and spirituous liquor in Ohio. It also controls the distribution and sale of spirituous liquor through its OHLQ locations. Beginning February 1st, we will NO longer accept cash, including in-person cash payments.


March 6th is last date to file a February 2023-2024 Renewal Application with us.
February 2023-2024 permits expired at midnight on Feb 1st. To resume your operating privileges and avoid being cancelled, file with us online by March 6th (10% penalty fee is due with regular permit fee). Click "Get Started and File Now" below to learn how to sign-up for the online renewal portal, review important Feb 2023-2024 renewal dates & see a list of who has NOT yet filed with us. Missing your link to file online? Email us at fileinquiry@com.ohio.gov (subject "I need my renewal link").
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