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New Permit Info
New Permit Info

New Permit Info

Ohio offers various liquor permits depending on what you want to do in the alcohol beverage industry (selling, manufacturing, distributing, etc.). To learn more about the different types of liquor permits available in Ohio, click on the Permit Class Types icon below.

If you are interested in applying for a liquor permit, select the applicable application located in the "Applications & Forms" in the left-hand menu (if using a mobile device, the link will be in a navigation menu.

If you need the additional forms that may be required to process your application, use the "Forms Required with Applications" link found in the left-hand menu (or in a navigation menu if using a mobile devise) on the main liquor page. What additional forms may be required with your application depends on the type of transaction and/or business entity.

There is also other information located in the left-hand menu (or in a navigation menu if using a mobile devise) under "Guides & Resources" that cover topics like:

  • What is Ohio's Quota
  • What are Local Option Election Laws
  • What is Trex'ing a Liquor Permit and when can you do it, and
  • An Overview of how the permitting process works

NOTE: It is important to ensure the application, including all documents are submitted and complete or the application will be returned without a review completed.