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Request a Final Inspection

Schedule a Final Inspection of Your Permit Premises

When you first applied for a permit and we started processing your application because you were in a pending status, a Compliance Agent visited your location to do an initial inspection. If it was determined that you still needed to pass a final inspection because your location did not yet met the standards needed--perhaps you were remodeling or doing a new build--, then you'll need to request and pass a final inspection before your permit can be issued.

BEFORE requesting a final inspection, please make sure that your permit premises is physically ready to operate. This means any major construction is complete and things like tables and chairs or other equipment are present, bathrooms are in working order, non-alcoholic inventory (if not solely transferring the ownership of a permit) is present. If you are ready to request a final inspection, fill out the entire form below. Once submitted, you will get a ticket to the provided email from our service center letting you know we received your request and are working on getting an agent out to you. Once it is assigned to an agent, you'll get another email updating your ticket.   


Passing a final inspection does NOT mean that you have successfully completed the permitting process or that your permit is ready to be issued. Rather, passing a final inspection means you passed the on-site requirements needed for a permit. You MAY still have outstanding issues that need to be resolved like unpaid taxes, background checks, objections from local governments or institutions that require a hearing, or other paperwork still needed before a final decision can be made on whether your permit will be issued. Also note that if your application is in either a DRY or NO-OPENING status, we will NOT visit your location to do an inspection because due to your status we are unable to process your application.  

If you have a general question about the inspection process you can visit our resource guide regarding inspection requirements. You can also contact your liquor attorney or contact the agent that originally came to your location for the initial inspection. If you have other questions about the liquor permitting process unrelated to inspections, visit our general resource guide.