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Permit Class Types

Liquor permits are issued in Ohio within a three tier system (review our three tier guide to learn more).  A person or business can only have a liquor permit(s) issued to them on one tier--manufacturing, wholesale distribution, or retail--at a time.  This cross tier prohibition is commonly called Tied House, which is also discussed in the previously mentioned reference guide.  Below is a tabbed list that provides more details as to the different types of permits available within each tier, including a high-level statement about what each permit allows the holder to do, the annual fee associated with each, and the relevant Ohio code provision.  

As you will see below, some of the permits are similar in nature in that they allow for overlapping privileges.  As a result, we will not issue a duplicate permit to the same permit holder at the same time at the same address.  This is commonly called "duplication."  For example, a D-5 permit, for purposes of this illustration, allows the permit holder to sell beer, wine, low-proof mixed, and spirits for on-premises consumption until 2:30 am.  A D-5J permit, while restricted on where it can be issued, allows the holder to exercise the same privileges (what they can sell and until when) as the D-5.  Thus, assume that ABC, Inc. qualifies for both the D-5 and the D-5J at 123 Main Street.  We will NOT issue both permits to ABC, Inc., at that address because it would result in a "duplication of privileges"--what you can sell and when you can sell it is exactly the same.  Additionally, from the permit holder's perspective, this would NOT be advantageous because they'd be paying way more in fees than they really need.  Therefore, when considering what permit best matches your business needs there are a LOT of considerations, some of which are:

  • What tier do you want to operate on?
  • What products do you want to make, distribute, sell at retail?
    • Especially if selling at retail, how do you want to sell the product (carryout or on-premises) and until what time?
    • Do you want to just sell beer and wine, spirits too?   
  • If looking at retails sales, you may need to consider if there are openings for your permit type in the quota?
    • Not sure what the quota is or how it works review our guide.
    • Can you legally qualify for a permit that is NOT subject to the quota?
  • Especially for retail, but for some manufacturing or temporary permits, you may need to consider if your location is wet or dry for the types of sales you are seeking.
    • Not sure what wet/dry means?  Review our local option election guide.
    • Will you have to put a question on the ballot, do you know how to do that correctly?
  • Do you want to sell alcoholic beverages other than beer, you will need to be WET and apply for a D-6 permit. 
  • Do you meet the legal requirements to hold the permit?
  • Do you have the necessary documents?
  • Will the your local government, if retail permits, object to the issuance or transfer of your permit?
  • Are there institutions within 500 feet of your business that may object?

While we are here to help, it is always recommended that you hire an experienced liquor attorney who can help you navigate through some of these questions before and during the application process so that you get the personalized advice you need to make sure you are informed and making the best decisions you can for your business. 

Manufacturer (located in Ohio)

Permit Class Permit Fee General Description (see specific application for more details)
A-1 $3,906 ORC 4303.02 Manufacturer of Beer – producing more than 31 million gallons per year, wherever produced, and sell beer products to wholesale permit holders.
A-1A $3,906 ORC 4303.021 Ability for a qualifying manufacturer to sell beer and any intoxicating liquor made by other licensed manufacturers for on-premises consumption only by the glass or container until 2:30am.
A-1C $1,000 ORC 4303.022 Manufacturer of Beer - producing up to 31 million gallons per year wherever produced, for sale on premises at retail for on premises consumption, and sell beer products to retail and wholesale permit holders.
A-2 $76 ORC 4303.03 Manufacturer of wine.
A-2F $76 ORC 4303.031 Ohio farm winery that grows and manufactures wine, from grapes, fruits, or other agricultural products on land it owns and uses only for agriculture.
A-3 $3,906 per plant, unless amount produced is less than specified amount than $2 per barrel. ORC 4303.04 Manufacture, import and sell alcohol and spirituous liquor
A-3A $2 per 50 gallon barrel ORC 4303.041 Manufacturer of less than 100,000 gallons of spirituous liquor and sale to a personal consumer.
A-4 $3,906 ORC 4303.05 Manufacture and sell certain prepared and bottled drinks, import for blended purposes
A-5 $1,000 per plant ORC 4303.051 Manufacturer of ice cream containing not less than one-half of one percent alcohol by volume and not more than six percent of alcohol by volume. This holder may sell ice cream for consumption on the premises where manufactured or in sealed containers for consumption off premises.

Wholesale Distributor

Permit Class Permit Fee Description
B-1 $3,125 ORC 4303.06 Distributor of beer, ale, stout, other malt liquor.
B-2 $500 ORC 4303.07 Distributor of bottled wine.
B-3 $124 ORC 4303.08 Distributor of sacramental wine.
B-4 $500 ORC 4303.09 Distributor of mixed beverages.
B-5 $1,563 ORC 4303.10 Distributor and importer and bottler of wine.
B-2A $25 ORC 4303.071 Sale of wine to retail permit holder.
S-1 $25 ORC 4303.232 Sale of beer or wine (less than 250,000 gallons per year) to personal consumer via mail order.

Initial fee $250

Renewal fee $100

ORC 4303.233 Sale of wine (250,000 gallons or more per year) to personal consumer via mail order.


Retail Store Carryout Permits Subject to Quota

Permit Class Permit Fee Description
C-1 $252 ORC 4303.11 Beer   only in original sealed container for carry out only.
C-2 $376 ORC 4303.12 Wine and mixed beverages in sealed containers for carry out.
C-2X $252 ORC 4303.121 Beer in original sealed containers for carry out. (Grandfathered permit, no longer issued new).
D-8 $500 ORC 4303.184 Sale of tasting samples of beer, wine, and mixed beverages, but not spirituous liquor, at retail, for consumption on premises.  

Retail Permits Subject to Quota

Permit Class Permit Fee Description
D-1 $376 ORC 4303.13 Beer only for on premises consumption or in original sealed containers for carry out only until 1:00am.
D-2 $564 ORC 4303.14 Wine and mixed beverages for on premises consumption or in original sealed containers for carryout only until 1:00am.
D-2X $376 ORC 4303.141 (Grandfathered Permit, no longer issued new) Beer only for on premises consumption or in original sealed containers for carryout only until 1:00am.
D-3 $750 ORC 4303.15 Spirituous liquor for on premises consumption only until 1:00am.
D-3X $300 ORC 4303.151 (Grandfathered Permit, no longer issued new) Wine only for on premises consumption until 1:00am.
D-4 $469 ORC 4303.17 Beer and any intoxicating liquor to members only, for on premises consumption only until 1:00am.
D-5 $2,344 ORC 4303.18 Spirituous liquor for on premises consumption only, beer, wine and mixed beverages for on premises, or off premises in original sealed containers, until 2:30am.

Retail Permits Not Subject to Quota

Permit Class Permit Fee Description
D-3A $938 ORC 4303.16 Extends issued permit privileges until 2:30am.  Must at least have D-3 to get the 3A.  
D-4A $750 ORC 4303.171 Airline club only - allows for beer and any intoxicating liquor sales to members and guests until 2:30am.
D-5A $2,344 ORC 4303.181(A) Hotels or motels with 50 or more rooms for transient guests.
D-5B $2,344 ORC 4303.181(B) Enclosed shopping malls.
D-5D $2,344 ORC 4303.181(D) Located at airport.
D-5E $1,219 ORC 4303.181(E) Historical river boat owned by charitable organization only.
D-5F $2,344 ORC 4303.181(F) Marina restaurant only.
D-5G $1,875 ORC 4303.18(G) National sports museum only.
D-5H $1,875 ORC 4303.181(H) Non-Profit organization exempt from federal income taxation, that owns a fine arts museum, community arts center, or community theater.
D-5I $2,344 ORC 4303.181(I) Restaurant meeting certain criteria.
D-5K $1,875 ORC 4303.181(K) Certain non-profit organizations that own and operate a botanical garden.
D-5M $2,344 ORC 4303.181(M) Restaurant affiliated with center for the preservation of wild animals.
D-5N $20,000 ORC 4303.181(N) Casino Operator or Casino Management Company.
D-5O $2,344 ORC 4303.181(O) Restaurant located in a casino.
D-7 $2,814 ORC 4303.183  Resort area only provided certain conditions are met.
E $500 ORC 4303.19 Railroad car or airline to sell beer or any intoxicating liquor at retail in glass or from container for consumption in such car or aircraft.
G $100 ORC 4303.21 Retail drug store (alcohol for medicinal, industrial, mechanical, chemical, or scientific purposes).
I $200 ORC 4303.23 Wholesale druggist (purchase - import alcohol for sale at wholesale and retail).

Community Entertainment District / Revitalization

Permit Class Permit Fee Description
D-5J $2,344 ORC 4303.181(J) Community Entertainment District.
D-5L $2,344 ORC 4303.181(L) Revitalization District.

Sunday Sales of Intoxicating Liquor

Permit Class Permit Fee Description



ORC 4303.182 Sale of intoxicating liquor on Sunday for the same sales privileges (barring any local option elections that might impact privileges) the permit holder has Monday through Saturday. NOTE: not required if just selling beer, however, local option election laws may still restrict beer sales on Sundays.

Transportation/Warehouse Permits

Permit Class Permit Fee Description
H $300 ORC 4303.22 Carrier by rail or for hire motor carrier who also holds a license issued by the public utilities commission to transport beer, intoxicating liquor, and alcohol, or any of these, in this state or delivery or use in this state.
W $1,563 ORC 4303.231 To operate a warehouse for the storage of beer or intoxicating liquor within the state and to sell such products from the warehouse to a B permit holder with Consent to Import on file or to other customers outside this state.

Temporary Permits

Permit Class Permit Fee Description
F $40 ORC 4303.20 Valid for beer only until 1:00am. (Temporary - 5 days).
F-1 $250 ORC 4303.201 Temporary "Special Function" permit (3 days) (allows B.Y.O.B. by a nonprofit organization at Municipal Convention Center).




ORC 4303.202 Temporary permit (four consecutive days) beer and any intoxicating liquor by glass or container on premises only until 1:00am. (1 every 30 days in same name)
F-3 $300 ORC 4303.203 Alcohol Beverage Industry Education.
F-4 $60 ORC 4303.204 Certain non profit organizations for an event that includes the introduction, showcasing or promotion of wines produced in Ohio; to furnish at no charge 2 oz. samples and sale for on premises consumption and carry out of wine from participating A2 permit holders. The fee is $60 (per day).
F-5 $180 ORC 4303.205 Beer and Intoxicating liquor issued to a Riverboat at a festival sponsored by a nonprofit organization (6 days - one per calendar year).
F-6 $50 ORC 4303.206 Sale of wine by a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (72 consecutive hours - 6 per year).
F-7 $450 ORC 4303.207 Beer, wine, mixed beverages, and spirituous liquor issued to a nonprofit organization at a "qualified golf event", meeting certain criteria until 1AM. (8 days - two(2) per calendar year).
F-8 $1,700 ORC 4303.208 Temporary permit to a not-for-profit organization for sales on publicly owned property located in Hamilton County only.
F-9 $1,700 ORC 4303.209 Temporary Permit to a nonprofit corporation that operates park on property leased from a municipal or non-profit corporation that provides or manages entertainment programming having an agreement meeting certain – in Franklin County only.
F-10 $100 ORC 4303.2010 Sales of tasting samples of wine manufactured by an A-2 or S permit holder conducted at a registered farmers market, or in sealed containers for consumption off premises.
F-11 $60 ORC 4303.2011 An F-11 permit, provided that certain conditions are met, may be issued to a qualifying non-profit organization to conduct an event that introduces, showcases, or promotes Ohio's craft beers. The F-11 event has certain restrictions as to how long the event can last, how much beer can be sold to patrons, and who can participate in the event. Sales and consumption end at 1 AM.  Permit is $60 per day for up to 3 days.
F-12 $500 ORC 4303.2012 An F-12 temporary liquor permit is valid for up to 90 days and can be issued to any qualifying organization to sell beer or wine at a special function that is not for profit. Only one F-12 permit can be issued to the same applicant within any one-year period. Alcohol sales end at 1 a.m.