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Summary of Liquor Applications

Below you will find various links to the different types of liquor permit applications and forms broken down by the applicable category and some tips and best practices for filling out an application:

New Permit Applications

The different types of liquor permits are:

  • A Class = Manufacturing

  • B Class = Distributors

  • C Class = Retail Carryout Only

  • D Class = Retail, including non population based D-5 variations, On-Premises Consumption

Click new permit applications to access the different permit classes and a descriptions for each.

Transfer an Existing Permit Applications

The different types of transfer applications are:

  • Transfers of Ownership at same location (TRFO)

  • Transfers of Location Only where the owner remains the same (TRFL)

  • Transfers of Ownership and Location (TFOL)

  • Trex (Economic Development Transfers)

Click transfer applications to access the various transfer applications with descriptions for each. 

Beer and Wine Applications/Registrations

The different types of beer and wine applications/registrations are:

  • Solicitor Registrations

    • Sales people who work on behalf of suppliers, manufacturers, or distributors.

  • Supplier Registrations

    • Companies that are importing alcoholic product into Ohio that is not made in Ohio.

  • Product Label Registrations

    • Any alcoholic beverage sold in Ohio MUST be registered with us before it can be sold/distributed in Ohio.

  • Territory Distribution Designations

    • Depending on how a manufacturer/supplier intends to distribute its product in Ohio, this form may need completed.

Click beer and wine applications to access the various applications needed to register with us.

Existing Permit Applications and Forms

  • Access to the online renewal portal for only Ohio liquor permit holders.

  • Request to change the size of your permit premises. 

  • Stock or LLC membership change applications.

  • Cancel, put a permit in safekeeping or closing authority.

Click existing permit applications to access information related to the current renewal cycle, including how to register for our online portal.

Click membership change applications to access the form to change the stock or membership interest. 

Click change permit information to access information to either cancel an existing permit, request to change the size of your permit premises, or place your permit in safekeeping or closing authority.

Temporary Permit Applications for non-profit events

F Class permits are for qualifying organizations hosting a temporary event that is not for profit.

Click temporary events to access the various F permit applications for qualifying organizations, including the temporary event portal.

Other Forms that May be Required During the Application Process

For the applications listed above, you may be required to submit additional forms and/or documents that include:

  • Affiliation Agreements
  • Disclosure and officer statements
  • Personal history forms
  • Purchase agreements
  • Tenancy

Click application forms to find the various forms you may need to complete before your permit can be issued.

Tips and Best Practices when Completing an Application or Form

A few things to remember as you complete an application:

  • Please make sure to read the application carefully and answer all the questions. 
    • For questions that ask for greater detail or explanation, please provide it where asked or include a separate page. 
  • When in doubt, disclose the information because it is better to tell us upfront versus us finding the information out later. 
  • Ohio law requires people that will have an interest, as requested on the applications, in the permit to be disclosed to us. 
    • For example, if you have two individuals, one of which has a criminal record, it is NOT okay to only list the person who does not have a criminal record as the sole owner if both people or the one with the criminal record is, in practice, going to be the owner/operator of the business.
  • When applying for a permit, especially an A, B, C, or D class permit, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you confirm the address where your business will be located before you apply with us. Some things you can do are to make sure that you:
    • Provide the right street number (i.e., 1604 S. Main);
    • Spell/provide the right street name (i.e., is it really Broad or High Street or NW or SW);
    • List your address in the right city or township, including county;
      • Check with your county auditor website to ensure you have the address, including city/township right;
      • Check with your city or county engineer's office to confirm exactly where your address is located (note: this can differ from the city listed for your mailing address); and 
    • Give us the correct business name that will actually hold the liquor permit (i.e., are you operating this as a sole proprietor/your name or a LLC or Inc name that is registered to do business with the Ohio Secretary of State). 
  • While address verification is critical because it can affect local option wet/dry status and for some permit types can also affect your taxing district for quota purposes, please note that when you apply our agents will do an inspection and also confirm with local governmental officials exactly where you are located. Nonetheless, your upfront efforts can hopefully eliminate confusion and possible delays.
  • While the we can assist an applicant in filling out an application, we cannot tell you what your answer should be nor can we offer legal advice. Liquor is a highly regulated business that involves interactions with various local, state, and possibly federal agencies. Although not required, it is always advisable to consider consulting an attorney that specializes in liquor laws since they can provide you the most personalized advice specific to your situation.