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Permit Holder Locations that Still Need to File a Renewal Application

The downloadable list located on this webpage identifies June 1 permit holder locations that still, according to our current data, have not filed to renew their liquor permit for June 2022-2023. This list was last updated on Monday, July 11, 2022 and may NOT reflect the most recent activity. Please continue to check back as we will continue to update the list during the remainder of this June renewal period. Additionally, reminder letters will be sent to permit holders who did not file a renewal application.  If you receive a letter and have questions, you can contact us at the email below.  A few things to note about this list are that:

  • It is broken down by permit holder for each class of permit(s) at a particular location. For example, if ABC, Inc has a D-1, D-2 permit at 123 Main Street and it has not yet filed its June 2022 renewal application, then it would have an entry on two separate rows. One row for the D-1 and another for the D-2.

  • If you filed by paper, we are processing those within a few days of receipt. If you mailed your paper application at least ten business days ago and you still see your location on this list, please email fileinquiry@com.ohio.gov to ensure we received it. Please put "Confirm June 2022 paper renewal application was received" in your subject line and tell us your permit number and date you mailed your application to us so that we can review your request.
  • All this list means is that the listed locations, according to our current data, have not yet filed their June 2022-2023 liquor permit renewal application with us. It does NOT necessarily indicate whether a particular permit holder can currently sell alcoholic beverages or not.  Likewise, this list is CAN change as new information becomes available.