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Cancel an Application or Permit

No matter if you want to cancel all or part of the permit class types requested, a Cancellation Request should be completed if:

  • a submitted application to become a liquor permit holder needs to be cancelled,
  • a submitted application to transfer a liquor permit to another permit holder, location, etc., needs to be cancelled, 
  • a current liquor permit holder wants to cancel a permit, and/or
  • a temporary permit needs to cancel or change the event dates on the permit/application.

We have three different cancellation forms so please read below to ensure you are choosing the correct cancellation form:

Cancel a pending application for a new permit or a transfer application

This Pending Application Cancellation Form is for any new or transfer application that is still pending our review. Please Do Not use this form to cancel or change a temporary event.

Cancel an issued permit(s), including certain permit class(es) that are issued

The Issued Permit Cancellation Form is to cancel any or all issued permit classes at a specific permit address. Please Do Not use this form to cancel or change a temporary event.

Cancel a temporary permit / application or change the event date

The Temporary Event Cancellation/Change Form MUST be used when you want to:

  • Cancel a temporary (event) permit/application; or
  • Change the event dates, as allowed within Ohio law, that were listed on the submitted temporary permit/application.

If you a requesting to cancel or change a temporary permit/application, you MUST do so no later than the start date/time of your event that was listed on your submitted application.

  • For example, if you applied for a temporary permit for an event starting on the following Friday and you now want to cancel that application, you must submit your signed cancellation request to us no later than that Friday that the event was supposed to start.
  • If, on the other hand, you have an event scheduled to start on a Friday and instead of canceling it you want to move it to the next Friday, then again you MUST send us your signed change event date request no later than the Friday when the event was originally scheduled to start.

If you timely request to cancel your application/permit or change the event dates, we will:

  • Refund you the permit fee in full provided payment sent to us has cleared your bank (expect a check in 4 to 6 weeks). We will send the check to the mailing address listed on the original application.
  • Change the event dates to the new dates provided, including securing any additional information from you, like amended street closures.

Untimely requests, which are those made AFTER the start date listed on your original application, will NOT be refunded nor will we move the dates. Rather you will have to reapply for another qualifying permit type. This includes if your event starts but is unable to complete. For example, if you have your event on Friday and Saturday, and it is cancelled on Sunday due to weather, etc. then no refund will be issued.