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Licensing Updates/Reminders

We continually try to improve our processes, applications, communications, and forms to make the process more understandable and efficient. Additionally, we update the above mentioned materials when Ohio law changes. Please check back here often to stay informed on any changes.

November General Election Results

If you are a liquor permit applicant that had a liquor question on the ballot and it passes, congratulations!  We anticipate that your next question will be, when can the permit get issued? A few things to keep in mind are that:

  • Although the question may have passed, we must get the certified results from your county Board of Elections. By law, they have 30 days to send those results to us. 
  • Once we receive the certified results from them, we then enter them into our system for processing.  Keep in mind that we have election results concerning a varied number of permit holders being sent to us from around the state (up to 88 counties). We try our best to process the results as quickly and as accurately as we can upon receipt because we understand that the sooner we can process the result the sooner we can finalize the licensing process which means that you'll get your permit sooner.   
  • You can help us get a permit issued to you more quickly by paying any permit fees so that once we get the okay from the Board of Elections we can start processing your file for any required notices to local governmental officials.  
  • Just because your issue passed, you cannot start utilizing the passed privilege (i.e., start selling "x" type of alcohol or selling "y" type of alcohol on Sundays) until your permit is issued to you
    • Depending on where your application is in the process, there may be additional things still needed from you or that need done like
      • notifying the local governments to see if they oppose the issuance of the permit or 
      • completing an on-site inspection to ensure your location meets all rules and regulations.  

Updated Applications and Forms

We are updating our applications and forms for new liquor permits. In making these updates, we are able to request more pertinent information upfront related to the specific permit being requested. The goal is to clarify the questions we ask of you and provide clarity on what documents we need from you to get the process started. We anticipate that this will help make the process more efficient and consistent and decrease the multiple exchanges that was often needed with the prior applications/forms.

Some new applications and forms are already updated on our applications & forms webpage and as we update more, they will be added to the website.

E-Signature Options on our Applications/Forms

When filling out our forms you have two options. You can fill it out online, print it, and then hand sign it or you can fill it out online and use an e-signature through Adobe. You can tell if the form has the e-signature option by looking for a red, rectangular tab marker in the upper left-hand corner on the signature line.  If you do not see that option when browsing our forms, you may have an outdated web browser. Either update your browser to the most current version and try again or you can download the form from our website and then fill it out.  

Supplier Renewal Date Change 

Previously, registered suppliers had to renew annually by June 30th. September 30th is now your registration date. If you have not yet filed with us, do so immediately otherwise your supplier registration and ability to sell your product in Ohio will need to stop.  Renewal applications have been sent to you a few months ago.  If you have not received one, please email liqbeerwine@com.ohio.gov

Legislative Changes - SB 102

Senate Bill 102 became effective March 23, 2022 and made several changes to liquor laws impacting advertising, raffles, DORAs, Sunday sales, temporary expansions and temporary permits. For more information on these changes, view our legislative updates webpage.