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Applications & Forms

Below is a list of applications that qualifying nonprofit organizations can apply for to sell or serve alcoholic beverages at limited functions. Keep in mind, a permit is required if a qualified organization intends to provide beer or intoxicating liquor (wine, mixed beverages or spirituous liquor) either for sale by the drink or through the use of an entrance fee, cover charge, etc.

This section allows you to access and sort any of the Division of Liquor Control various special event forms, reports, instructions, guidelines and license applications. When looking at the links in the table below, click on the “Title” in the first column for an explanation on what the form is used for and information on what it contains. Or if you know exactly what form you need, click “PDF” in the last column to open the PDF form directly.

Most temporary permits require us to send notices to the local County Board of Election where your event will be held so that we can determine whether your event location is wet for the types of sale requested.  This is in addition to processing your application for completeness and accuracy among the many others that are filed daily.  As a result, you MUST file your application 30 days prior to your event to allow for proper processing times.  Failure to do so can jeopardize our ability to issue your temporary permit due to the issues noted above.