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Economic Development Transfer (TREX)

The Economic Development Transfer (“TREX”) was developed through Legislation to try to help those areas of the state with an over-issuance of permits by TREX transferring them to another area of the state, meeting certain criteria. Therefore, if you are unable to obtain a New Liquor Permit through the Quota System as there are no permits available, or you are unable to do a regular transfer of ownership and location (not a TREX) of a class as there are no-openings or the number of applicants on file exceed the openings available, you have the option of then trying to TREX transfer the ownership and location of someone else’s permit to you, as long as you meet the TREX requirements.

Before beginning the TREX process, please note the following:

  • The acquisition of someone else’s liquor permit must be done pursuant to Ohio Administrative Code 4301:1-1-14. This rule states in part that a transfer must be in conjunction with a bona fide sale of the business or assets of such permit holder. Therefore, you need to be able to pay a purchase price established by the seller.
  • The only quota requirement that must be met in order to TREX Transfer permit classes, is the location where the permit is being transferred to, must NOT have any available permits, or a quota of permits available with applicants on the waiting list exceeding the number of openings.
  • You must be able to obtain approval under Section B of the TREX Form and attach a letter from the City, Village or Township signed by the Mayor, a City Council member or someone of authority in which you are transferring the permit. The letter must states they acknowledge the transfer will be to an Economic Development Project. You may be required by us or the City, Village or Township to provide further documentation to prove this will be an economic development project.

If you are able to meet the requirements briefly outlined above, then you are ready to begin the process of trying to find a permit to TREX Transfer. We recommend you consult private legal counsel before attempting to locate a permit to transfer. The only list of possible permits that we have available is our safekeeping list. Once you have found a permit, the applicant will complete Section A of DLC Form 4244 TREX Form which is the last page of either the Transfer of Ownership and/or Location Application (DLC4120), or Transfer of Location ONLY Application (DLC4118), depending on the type of transaction you are doing. You will then take the TREX form to your Local Legislative Authority to have Section B completed.

The completed TREX Form should be returned to the applicant as they MUST file the TREX form with the appropriate Transfer Application mentioned above. If you have any questions regarding the TREX process, emails us at web.liqr@com.state.oh.us or call 614-644-3155.