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Homeowner-Installer Agreement

In all manufactured home installations involving a licensed manufactured home installer, the installer must provide a homeowner with the Homeowner/Installer Agreement prior to commencement of work. The Homeowner/Installer Agreement is available for download on this webpage.

The homeowner and installer should go through and make sure each aspect of the manufactured home installation process is assigned to an appropriate party beforehand so that all parties are clear on their responsibilities. A copy of the completed Homeowner/Installer Agreement should be submitted to the certified inspection agency with the application for the installation permit.

Parties should only accept responsibility for portions of the installation process that they are legally eligible to perform. For example, homeowners may not accept responsibility for any portion of installation work unless the homeowner is a licensed installer or qualifies for a homeowner installation (i.e., individual owns the home and the property, the home is being installed on private property and not in a manufactured home park, and the individual is installing the home for their own occupancy).

A party's acceptance of responsibilities under the Homeowner/Installer Agreement will not in any way impact any obligations imposed on the homeowner or installer by law.