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Testing Laboratories
Testing Laboratories

Testing Laboratories

Testing laboratories ensure medical marijuana products are free of contaminants and safe for consumption by medical marijuana patients.

The testing of marijuana products is a core component to product safety.  By sampling from every batch of medical marijuana product before it may be sold to a dispensary, testing laboratories ensure medical marijuana products are free of contaminants that could potentially have negative effects on the health of patients. 

A testing laboratory staff member travels to a cultivator or processor to obtain a random sample of medical marijuana and then returns to the lab to analyze the sample for contaminants and for cannabinoid quantities or “potency.” Once testing is finished, the laboratories are then responsible for reporting the results of required analyses into the state’s inventory tracking system, METRC. This system tracks the medical marijuana product as it is cultivated, manufactured into medical marijuana products, tested by a laboratory, and distributed to licensed dispensaries. The Ohio Admin. Code  provides detailed requirements on how the results are to be reported. These results determine whether each batch of product can move forward in the supply chain and can ultimately be sold to patients.

For a list of testing laboratory licenses, click here.


  • 10 Licensees
    • 8 Licensees with Certificates of Operation
    • 2 Provisional Licensees


Application Fee $2,000
Initial License Fee $18,000
Annual Renewal Fee $20,000

Application Periods

The testing laboratory licenses have had two application periods occurring in 2017 and 2020. There are currently three MMCP operating testing labs in the state with seven additional labs in provisional status.