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Public Records Request

Public Records Request

The Ohio Department of Commerce's Medical Marijuana Control Program routinely receives public records request regarding program activity. For public records request, please contact mmcprecords@com.state.oh.us.

When making a public records request, please reference the Ohio Sunshine Law Manual to assist with formulating your request. Find the most recent version of the Ohio Sunshine Law Manual.Below are some helpful tips for any public records request:

  • The public office may withhold or redact specific records that are covered by an exemption to the Public Records Act but is required to give the requester an explanation, including legal authority, for each denial. 
  • A public office is not required to create new records to respond to a public records request, even if it is only a matter of compiling information from existing records. There is no duty to provide records that were not in existence at the time of the request or that the public office does not possess, including records that later come into existence.
  • A proper request is for a record that exists. A request for information may be denied. The proper subject of a public records request is a record that actually exists at the time of the request, not unrecorded or dispersed information the requester seeks to obtain. For example, if a person asks a public office for a list of court cases pending against it, but the office does not keep such a list, the public office is under no duty to create a list to respond to the request.

Commonly requested items can be found below: