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Ohio Home Inspector Board
Ohio Home Inspector Board

Ohio Home Inspector Board

Members and term limits of the Ohio Home Inspector Board

The Ohio Home Inspector Board exists within the Division of Real Estate & Professional Licensing to regulate the licensure and performance of home inspectors. The seven-member board has adopted rules related to standards for conducting home inspections, education and experience requirements, prohibitions against conflicts of interest, etc. Disciplinary hearings and appeals of Superintendent decisions fall under the authority of this board. Five members of the board are Ohio-licensed home inspectors appointed by the Governor. The two remaining members are both consumer advocates; one appointed by the Speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives, the other by the Ohio Senate President.

Ohio Home Inspector Board Member Term Beginning Term Expiration
Barant D. Pastorek 7/2/2020 4/5/2025
Todd R. Radloff 5/14/2021 (Unexpired term) 4/5/2022
Peter A. Pitts 7/2/2019 4/5/2022
Rodney L. Berning (Vice Chair) 7/2/2019 4/5/2024
John B. Cordell (Board Chair) 7/2/2019 4/5/2024
Benedict Weissenrieder (Public Member) 8/20/2019 4/5/2021
Jennifer Lynch (Public Member) 9/12/2019 4/5/2023