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Cemetery Grant

Cemetery Grant

The Division’s cemetery grant program advances grants to properly registered cemeteries, except for-profit corporations, to defray the costs of exceptional maintenance or training of cemetery personnel in the maintenance and operation of the cemetery. A cemetery that has not had a burial in the last 25 years or is a family cemetery is exempt from registration and does not qualify for a grant.

Reasonable maintenance, pursuant to Ohio Revised Code section 4767.09, done in the day-to-day operations of a cemetery is not considered exceptional for purposes of awarding grants. Exceptional maintenance is construed broadly to cover non-routine, non-repetitive maintenance.

The grant program runs on a state fiscal year. The grant cycle announcement and application will be announced on our website and via email. The application deadline will be included in the grant announcement.  You may sign up for the email list here.

An operator may apply every other year for one grant of up to $2,500. Operators of five or more cemeteries registered with the Division may apply each year. Grant funds cannot be used for activities or purchases prior to formal approval of the grant application by the Superintendent and the Division’s receipt of a signed grant award agreement.

Complete information and the application can be found at https://cemeterygrants.com.ohio.gov/. If you have any questions or require additional assistance, please contact the Division at CemeteryGrants@com.state.oh.us.