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Home Inspector Contracts & Reports

A written contract with the client is required prior to the performance of a home inspection by a licensed home inspector (see Ohio Revised Code Section 4764.02(B) . Based on the recently enacted regulation, please immediately review your client contracts to ensure your contracts contain all the following: 

(a) The inspection fee;
(b) The address of the property;
(c) Client's name;
(d) Authorized recipient(s) of the report;
(e) Date of the inspection;
(f) A statement that the work to be performed is a home inspection as defined in Ohio Revised Code Section 4764.01(C);
(g) Signatures of the licensee and client and date signed; and
(h) Statement that the report is prepared in accordance with Ohio Revised Code 4764 and rules adopted thereunder.

Likewise, please immediately review your home inspection reports to ensure your reports contain all requirements as found in  Ohio Revised Code Section 4764.01(D) and all the following:

(a) Your Ohio home inspector license number; 
(b) The expiration date of your license; 
(c) The date the home inspection occurred; and
(d) Address of the property.