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File a Securities Complaint

You have the option to file a complaint online or download the PDF document to the right and mail it to the Division. Click this link, then click the “File a complaint” link on the left side of the page to file a complaint online. The Division appreciates the time and effort you expend in bringing this matter to our attention and we will be happy to assist you in any way within our authority. So that you will better understand the Division's abilities and limitations, please review the following information.

What we can do

The Division pursues possible violations of the Ohio Securities Act, Chapter 1707 of the Ohio Revised Code. We investigate complaints against persons, business entities, corporations, and broker-dealers alleged to have violated licensing, registration, or anti-fraud provisions of the Ohio Securities Act. The Division is empowered to bring an administrative action (for example, a Cease and Desist Order) against an entity for proven violations and in appropriate cases may refer matters to the county prosecutor’s office for criminal prosecution. Please note that your complaint will be held in confidence except in those situations where your identification will facilitate an early resolution of your complaint, such as in the case of a dispute with a broker-dealer. In addition, if the Division finds that it is unable to assist you, we will attempt to refer your complaint to another agency who can provide assistance.

What we cannot do

The function of the Division is analogous to that of a police department; we are authorized to investigate and prosecute violations of law which fall within our jurisdiction. We are unable to cancel any agreement or contract, order that your money be refunded, give legal advice or act as your attorney, or act as a court of law. The Division is also bound by statutory time limitations; thus, we are unable to pursue alleged violations that occurred more than five years ago (R.C. § 1707.28). Finally, the Division does not have any authority or control over how a company conducts its internal business affairs; we cannot require a company to provide you with financial statements, reports or updates, or hold a shareholder meeting. If you have lost money or object to the way a business is being run, your personal attorney can advise you on whether to proceed with a private cause of action.

Please fill out the attached Complaint Form as completely as possible to enable us to properly assess your situation. Again, we thank you for your time and cooperation. If you have any questions concerning your complaint or the enclosed form, please feel free to contact the Enforcement Section at (800) 788-1194 or by email at securitiesgeneral.questions@com.state.oh.us.

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