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Awards & Honors
Awards & Honors

Awards & Honors

The Ohio Department of Commerce Division of State Fire Marshal (SFM) and the Ohio Department of Public Safety Division of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) have joined together to honor all who serve Ohioans through the fire service at the annual Ohio Fire Service Hall of Fame and Ohio Fire Awards program.

At this program, a fire department or a fellow firefighter may be recognized for their act(s) above and beyond their basic duties and responsibilities and for exemplifying the finest traditions of the fire service. Members of the fire services killed in the line of duty are also honored.

The joint awards program provides an opportunity for firefighters and organizations, on behalf of communities across Ohio, to participate in honoring the sacrifices made every day by their brethren. Whether it is training in the latest firefighting techniques or performing highly honed skills, the men and women who sacrifice for the safety of others will be recognized in this special ceremonial program. 

The Ohio Fire Council is charged by the General Assembly with officially recognizing and commemorating exemplary accomplishments and acts of heroism by firefighters and other persons at fire-related incidents or similar events occurring in Ohio.

In addition, at the program, the Division of EMS recognizes individuals and departments that provide exemplary fire education and safety training through its annual Fire Awards Program.