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Nominate Someone for the Hall of Fame Awards

The Ohio Department of Commerce Division of State Fire Marshal (SFM) and the Ohio Department of Public Safety Division of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) come together each year to honor all who serve Ohioans through the fire service at the annual Ohio Fire Service Hall of Fame and Ohio Fire Awards. As in the past, we would like to provide you with an opportunity to nominate persons and fire departments for recognition.

At this program, your fire department or a fellow firefighter may be recognized for their act(s) above and beyond their basic duties and responsibilities and for exemplifying the finest traditions of the fire service. Members of the fire services killed in the line of duty are also honored.

Each year, the awards program provides an opportunity for firefighters and organizations, on behalf of communities across Ohio, to honor the sacrifices made every day by their brethren.

The Ohio Fire Council is charged by the General Assembly with officially recognizing and commemorating exemplary accomplishments and acts of heroism by firefighters and other persons at fire-related incidents or similar events occurring in Ohio.

In addition, at the program, the Division of EMS recognizes individuals and departments that provide exemplary fire education and safety training through its annual Fire Awards Program. The expanded event will honor recipients April 26, 2023 at the Center of Science and Industry (COSI) in downtown Columbus.

If your nominee is selected as an award recipient, representatives from the Division of State Fire Marshal and the Division of EMS will be requesting high resolution photos for the awards ceremony. If you already have photos, you may send them with your nomination packet. Otherwise, you will be asked to gather these photos shortly after the recipients are chosen. 

The 2023 ceremony nomination period runs from approximately November 2021 to November 2022.

Deadline for nominations is December 20, 2022. Please click on the launch button to learn more or nominate someone for an award.

Hall of Fame Nomination Checklist

Make Sure Your Nomination Includes (not all are applicable to every category):

  • narrative statement specifically explaining why the nominated individual is worthy of award adequate supporting documents
    • official fire report, 
    • supplemental fire reports and narratives, 
    • news articles and information 
    • any other awards or recognition received
    • previous letters of commendation
    • letters of support from individuals or organizations 
  • documents clearly describe 
    • the severity and intensity of the fire or other incident, 
    • the specific dangers which the nominee faced and overcame, 
    • why the act was exceptional
    • information on awards and citations received 

NOTE: some categories specify who may nominate, if you want to nominate a deserving candidate please reach out to an individual on the specified list to co-nominate your nominee.