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Code Enforcement FAQ

General Questions

Where can I obtain a copy of the Ohio Fire Code?

From the library, the internet or purchased through a publisher. The Division of State Fire Marshal does not sell copies of the code. Codebooks can be obtained from the International Code Council (ICC) at 1-888-422-7233 or West Group at 1-800-328-9352. You can view the online version here.

How do I schedule a fire safety inspection?

The local fire official should be contacted first, as they are the authority having jurisdiction. If the local fire official chooses not to conduct the inspection, the State Fire Marshal’s Code Enforcement Bureau will conduct the inspection. Code Enforcement has instituted an electronic scheduling system, known as CLICK. To inquire or schedule an inspection with a fire safety inspector, please call the CLICK Scheduling Office at 614-644-5574 or 614-752-7172 or our toll-free number at 855-715-7790.

Is a permit required for the installation, removal, alteration or abandonment in place of a flammable/combustible liquid storage tank that is not regulated by the Bureau of Underground Storage Tanks?

Yes. A permit is required from either the local fire official or if they choose not to issue the permit, then the permit would be obtained from the Code Enforcement Bureau.

Where can I obtain a copy of the School Fire Drill Reporting Form?

The form can be obtained by downloading the School Fire Drill Reporting Form here or by calling the office at 614-728-5460 or 888-276-0303.

When is a permit required for the installation or removal of a flammable/combustible liquid storage tank?

A permit is required for the installation or removal of a flammable/combustible liquid storage tank if the tank is 60 gallons or more. However, a permit is not required for a farm tank or residential heating oil tank that is 1,100 gallons or less.

Common Questions from Fire Officials

There are new construction projects and renovations being done on buildings in my jurisdiction, which involve fire protection systems. As fire chief, I’d like to be able to review those plans and provide feedback to the building official. Can I do plan reviews for fire protection systems and offer my input?

Yes, you are authorized by the Ohio Fire Code to do a plan review for fire protection systems, but there are guidelines you need to follow. First, you must inform the building official that you would like to receive and review the plans, as provided in the building code as listed in rule 1301:7-7-80 of the Administrative Code in accordance with Section 106.1.2 of that code and certain provisions of the OFC. Informing the building official in writing will provide you with documentation that is clear that you would like to proceed with all applicable plan reviews. Next, you must provide to the building official your findings of the plan review. Your findings must be in compliance with the Ohio Fire Code specific sections. For each element of the reviewed construction document that does not meet the requirements of the Ohio Fire Code, you need to provide in writing to the building official, a specific reference to the relevant sections of the Ohio Fire Code that have not been fully satisfied. You must provide your plan review findings to the building official within a time frame appropriate for compliance with the building official’s statutory requirements.

As fire chief, I have received notices informing me that certain types of fire protection components, such as sprinkler heads, are being recalled. The problem is, I don’t know if or when the work has been done to correct the recalled component. Is there a section of the Ohio Fire Code that requires I be notified upon completion?

Yes. The building owner is required by the Ohio Fire Code to notify you that the component(s) have been replaced. Refer to the Ohio Fire Code, 1301:7-7-09, section (A) (9) 901.9.

I have elementary schools in my fire jurisdiction. I would like to do fire safety inspections of those schools. Do I need to notify the State Fire Marshal of my inspections of those schools?

Yes, you are required to notify, in writing on an annual basis, the State Fire Marshal’s office, of your intent to inspect those schools. Each school, educational institution or children’s home shall be identified as to name and address when corresponding to the State Fire Marshal’s office.

As a fire official, I receive complaints from persons on overcrowded conditions at nightclubs and bars. Some of those same occupancies do not have occupancy load capacity signs posted. Can I have them install occupancy load capacity signs?

Yes. Working in cooperation with the building official, you would need to evaluate the premises for the allowable occupant load for that assembly place. The occupancy sign, which must be of permanent design and construction, must be installed in a conspicuous place near the main exit or exit access doorway from the room or space.