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Forensic Services

Types of tests performed by the forensic laboratory.

Test for Ignitable Liquid (A)

Using gas chromatography / mass spectrometry (GC/MS), lab examiners extract a profile(s), or characteristic pattern(s), of a detected ignitable liquid.  Comparisons are made with a computerized library of collected reference liquids (gasoline, kerosene, diesel fuels, etc.) analyzed under the same conditions. Results are reported similar to the ASTM 1618 Ignitable Liquid Classification Scheme.

Forensic Mobile Device/Cell Phone Exam (C)

Using different tools and methods, a lab examiner may obtain a computing device that is small enough to hold and operate in the hand.  The mobile device examination attempts to extract digital data from the device, any peripherals and possibly remote storage relating to an investigation. 

Test for Explosive (E)

Analysts examine samples from suspected explosive or fusee events using spectrophotometric, microscopic, chromatographic and wet chemical techniques.  No live unexploded devices are accepted for analysis. 

Elemental/Chemical Exam (J)

If the test requested does not fall under tests A, E, you may request this test.  Lab examiners will use whichever analytical technique is appropriate to identify the substance.   Please specify special circumstances in the remarks section.

Latent Print Development (L)

Using different methods of development, lab examiners may lift or photograph latent impressions of value. If a latent print is recovered, it can be sent a laboratory or agency for comparisons as directed by the submitting agent.  You will be notified and asked to submit:

  • Inked impressions from suspect(s).  
  • If no inked prints are available and the suspect(s) has a felony record, submit suspect name, DOB and BCI or FBI number, if known.
  • Elimination Prints - Inked impressions from others who may have handled or touched the evidence should also be obtained for comparison or elimination purposes.  

If the recovered latent does not match one of the comparison cards, we will request it be searched through AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System). If the search of AFIS does not produce a “hit”, the prints will be returned to the investigator.

Others (Specify) (O)

Sometimes you may find a need for a specific type of analysis that is not included in the listed tests to support your investigation.  The space provided at the bottom of the submission form may be used to indicate that specific test.  If we cannot perform the testing specified, we will recommend other options.

Forensic Video/Audio Analysis (VA)

Using different tools and methods, a lab examiner may obtain audio and/or video from digital video recording equipment.  Audio and/or video recordings saved from a medium are reviewed, clarified and compiled together to assist an investigator in determining additional detail regarding an event.