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Become a Certified UST Installer

Become a Certified UST Installer

Since January 7, 1990, Section 3737.881 of the Ohio Revised Code has required that an installer certified by the State Fire  Marshal’s office supervise the installation, closure, removal or repair of underground storage tanks (USTs). Rule 1301:7-9-11  of the Ohio Administrative Code describes the process for becoming a certified UST installer.

First Time Applicants for Certification 

Candidates submitting an application to become a certified UST installer for the first time shall comply with all of the  following:

  • Complete an application by the State Fire Marshal’s Office and pay an application fee of $150;
  • If you would like to pay by credit card, use this form;
  • Be at least 18 years of age;
  • If not a resident of Ohio, the candidate shall provide an irrevocable consent to legal service form;
  • Be in good standing with all authorities requiring licensing;
  • Supply three business references;
  • Complete an examination requirement; and
  • Demonstrate knowledge of UST systems in one of three designated ways:

Option 1: Satisfactorily complete a 36-hour Installer Training Program approved by the State Fire Marshal, and within two  years immediately prior to making application, participate in the installation or, performance of major repairs on site to,  closure-in-place, or removal of three UST systems;

Option 2: Be a registered professional engineer, and within two years immediately prior to making application, participate in  the installation or, performance of major repairs on site to, closure-in-place, or removal of six UST systems; or 

Option 3: Within two years immediately prior to making application, participate in the installation of, performance of major  repairs on site to, closure-in-place, or removal of 12 UST systems, of which six shall have involved installation of UST systems.

Examination Requirements

The Bureau of Testing and Registration administers the Certified UST Installers Examination.  Applications to take the examination must be submitted to the Bureau of Testing and Registration. A non-refundable fee of $25 is required to take the  examination. If the application is accepted, the candidate must take a two-part written and multiple-choice examination and receive a score of a least 75 percent on each part.

Part I of the examination is a test covering Ohio’s rules governing certified UST installers (Rules 1301:7-9-01 through  1301:7-9-19 of the Administrative Code). Part II is testing covering industry UST standards. 

A photo ID must be presented to be seated for the examination. Candidates for the certified installer examination will be  permitted to bring a copy of Ohio’s UST rules with them to the test to use as reference material (Copies of these rule may be found on the web site. Candidates may reschedule to take the exam without paying another $25. Candidates who fail either portion of the exam will be charged another $25 fee if they wish to retake the exam.

The Bureau of Testing and Registration complies with the American with Disabilities Act and requires three weeks advance  notice for special arrangements. If a visual, physical or other special need prevents you from taking the examination under  normal circumstances, you may request special accommodation. A special accommodations request form can be obtained  from the Bureau of Testing and Registration. All special requests must be submitted with the examination application.

Renewal of UST Installer Certification

UST installer certifications (sometimes called UST installer licenses) shall be renewed annually. Candidates wishing to renew a certification shall comply with the following:

  • Prior to the expiration date of the certification, submit a renewal application to the State Fire Marshal’s office  accompanied by a non-refundable fee of $150;
  • Demonstrate attendance at a minimum of eight hours of fire marshal-approved continuing education within the previous twelve months;
  • Be in good standing with all authorities requiring licensing; and
  • In special cases, complete an examination requirement, if such requirement is announced by the fire marshal.

Contact Information

Application packets and testing dates for becoming a certified UST installer may be obtained through the Bureau of Testing  and Registration by calling 614-752-7126