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Corrective Action (Clean Up)
Corrective Action (Clean Up)

Corrective Action (Clean Up)


The Ohio Department of Commerce, Division of State Fire Marshal created the Bureau of Underground Storage Tank Regulations (BUSTR) as the implementing agency for the state and federal UST programs. The mission of the bureau is to protect human health and the environment from regulated UST leaks. The Corrective Action section within BUSTR regulates the closure of UST systems and any petroleum releases that may occur from a UST system.

The Corrective Action section directs UST owner/operators to investigate petroleum releases, evaluate petroleum chemicals in soil and groundwater, and implement the appropriate monitoring or remediation activity. The information below will allow owner/operators, consultants, and interested parties to conduct the following:

  • Report suspected releases, releases and confirmed releases from regulated USTs.
  • Download BUSTR’s Technical Guidance Manuals and corrective action forms.
  • Submit a Public Information Request to view documents of a specific release from a UST facility.
  • How to select an environmental consultant.
  • Contact BUSTR Corrective Action Staff.
  • Search BUSTR resources by keyword or topic.

Please click on the below cards or conduct a search to find the related corrective action information. If you cannot find the information, please contact us at 614-752-7938.