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Registration & Permits
Registration & Permits

Registration & Permits

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Registration Requirements

Federal and state regulations require all UST owners to submit a registration form to BUSTR.  For many sites, the registration form was submitted to BUSTR in the early 1990s when the regulations first became effective.  Afterwards, anyone installing new UST systems or making changes to the information for an existing site is required to submit a registration form (or a modified registration form).

Permit Requirements

An underground storage tank permit is required before work may be performed to install, modify, or repair UST systems.  Also, a permit is required to take out-of-service, remove, or close-in-place UST systems.  Any time a permit is required, a licensed UST Installer must perform the work and a licensed UST Inspector must observe specific stages of the work. 

Note:  A permit, Installer and Inspector are not required when routine maintenance is performed on an UST system.  Routine maintenance includes activities such as replacing spill and overfill equipment, working on corrosion protection equipment, replacing submersible pump equipment or replacing individual leak detection components.  However, if a release is suspected or confirmed, a permit, Installer and Inspector are always required even for components normally viewed as falling under routine maintenance.

Delegated Fire Departments

Most underground storage tank permits are issued by BUSTR from our office in Reynoldsburg, Ohio.  However, some fire departments have been given authority to issue underground storage tank permits for BUSTR.  These departments are called 'Delegated Fire Departments'.  If your UST system is located in a delegated area, you need to contact the local fire department and obtain permits from them.

Variance Requests and Determinations

If you encounter special circumstances when installing, removing, or operating an UST system, you may request a variance or a determination from BUSTR.  Submit an email or a letter to BUSTR explaining the special circumstance (as well as a legible diagram or pictures).  In some cases, you may need to submit a permit application as well.  BUSTR will review the request and make a determination.  Examples of special circumstances include:

  • Clarification whether a tank is regulated by BUSTR.
  • Clarification whether a tank is an exempt heating oil tank.
  • Clarification whether a substance is regulated by BUSTR.
  • Requests to close-in-place USTs or piping (versus removing the components from the ground).
  • Requests for alternative methods of release detection (such as USTs that supply fuel for emergency power generation).
  • Requests for an extension of the out-of-service period for UST systems.