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Search BUSTR Database

Search BUSTR Database

If you wish to view real-time information from the BUSTR database, go to the OTTER site

Searching OTTER

The BUSTR database is called Ohio Tank Tracking & Environmental Regulations (OTTER).  Do not enter a user/pass.  Instead, use the search engine further down.  The search engine can be finicky, so it is best to use simple search terms (such as single words for the owner name, facility name, address or city). 

The search results will appear at the bottom of the screen.  Click on the blue facility name for further information.

Additional information is provided in a summary screen.  This screen has limited functionality, though it is possible to see more tank information by clicking on the word 'Details'.

Public Information Request

If you are seeking records about a site, you may make a public information request.

Large Datasets

BUSTR often receives requests for large datasets of tank and clean-up information from our database.  The most commonly requested datasets are provided below: