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BUSTR regulations relating to underground storage tanks (USTs) are available at the bottom of the page.  

BUSTR regulations were originally promulgated in the early 1990s.  They were created pursuant to Ohio Revised Code 3737.87 through 3737.89.  The laws in the Ohio Revised Code were passed in order to address federal requirements.

BUSTR regulations were amended several times over the past 30+ years.  When reviewing the regulations, it is best to start with the rules having the most recent effective date (click the 'Year' heading to sort).  These rules are the most relevent when dealing with active UST systems and new releases.  In some cases, prior editions of the regulations may apply (such as the regulations in effect at the time an UST system was installed or the regulations in effect when a release was discovered).  These regulations are also provided for anyone seeking to clarify retrofit requirements that may apply to older UST systems or clean-up criteria that may apply to historic releases.

Note:  BUSTR regulations are not part of the Ohio Fire Code and do not apply to tanks that are not regulated by BUSTR...such as residential heating oil tanks (See the Ohio Fire Code [e.g., Chapters 23 and 57]).