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Business (Holder) Reimbursement

Why would a business need to be reimbursed?

There are a few circumstances that may result in a reimbursement being needed. Sometimes after a business reports their unclaimed funds or property, the rightful owner responds and wants their funds or property. And sometimes a business may accidentally submit a duplicate report.

Two Easy Steps for Reimbursement

  1. If you think you need a reimbursement, contact us to see if funds have been paid for the claim. If a claim has been paid, there is no reimbursement .
  2. If a claim has not been paid, send a Reimbursement Form and required documentation for the claimant’s funds on our Business Form and Document Upload page.

There are payment requirements and specific documentation that may be required for your reimbursement, depending on your circumstance. 

Payment Requirements

  • Must identify the Business’s name, year reported to Division, name of reported property owner, address (if reported), nature and amount of the property requested.
  • Completed, notarized NAUPA form or affidavit on company letterhead.
  • The Business’s representative requesting the reimbursement must provide a corporate resolution or an affidavit from a senior officer of the business granting the authority to act on behalf of the company. A list of officers for the company will be necessary if affidavit is used. The affidavit must be signed by a listed officer and notarized.
  • Documentation proving company paid/reinstated the original owner the reported property amount. Items include:
  • Cancelled check
  • Processed Traveler’s checks
  • Company Photo ID (if company ID is not available government issued ID will be required)

Documentation That May Be Required

  • Business Reimbursement Request Form- Signed and notarized form from duly authorized representative of holder listed on NAUPA Business Reimbursement Request Form.
  • Business Reimbursement Request Letter- Request from business requesting reimbursement of funds reported in error (e.g., business-to-business which will identify number of properties and dollar amount)
  • Corporate Letter of Authority or Corporate Resolution- Please provide a letter authorizing you to collect funds on behalf of company. The Letter of Authority must be signed and dated on company letterhead. The person signing the Letter of Authority must show job title and they are authorized to grant you authority to recover property for the company. We can also accept a corporate resolution authorizing you to collect on behalf of the company.
  • Evidence of Payment- Evidence of payment to the rightful owner. Date Paid to claimant or proof of account reactivation.
  • Work ID Badge- Please provide a copy of your photo ID. We can accept a work ID badge or copy of your valid government issued photo ID.