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None (Zero) Report

What is a None Report?

A negative or zero-based report that let’s us know a diligent search has been completed.

Why do businesses need to file a None Report?

Ohio Revised Code 169.01 requires all businesses file a report on any unclaimed funds, even if there are none to report. Businesses may be subject to a state audit, potentially fines or penalties.

File a None (Zero) Report

If a diligent search has shown that the company is not holding any unclaimed funds, or if all owners respond to the OUF-8 Notice of Unclaimed Funds mailing, you may file a None (Zero) Report through the Ohio Business Gateway at www.business.ohio.gov.

In order to file your none report, please log into your account on Ohio Business Gateway and file your report. Once on Ohio Business Gateway, you must first add a negative report to your dashboard. Then, you can file your none report. Watch our step by step instructional videos on How to Add a Report  and How to File a Negative Report.

If you need help filing, call the Ohio Business Gateway Help Desk at 866-644-6468.