Operation Safe Stay   

Operation Safe Stay is an incentive program for the hotel industry to recognize all hotels in Ohio that are consistently in compliance with applicable Ohio Fire Code (OFC)-based fire and life safety standards and Ohio Revised Code (R.C.)-based sanitary standards. The program is also designed to incentivize other hotel owners to bring their facilities into compliance and to thereafter continually maintain them in a compliant manner.

Beginning in January 2017, all Ohioans and visitors to the State of Ohio will begin to see the above Ohio Department of Commerce, Division of State Fire Marshal’s (SFM) Operation “Safe Stay” logo appear in the windows of local hotels and in their advertising campaigns.

The SFM licenses all hotels in the State of Ohio. All hotels are inspected annually upon licensure renewal, or at any time throughout the year if the SFM’s Code Enforcement Bureau (CEB) receives a complaint regarding the facility. When conducting their inspection, CEB inspectors are looking to ensure that each facility is in compliance with both the sanitary standards that hotel facilities are required to follow pursuant to the RC and with all applicable safety provisions of the OFC.

Operation Safe Stay was developed because many hotels in the state, routinely comply with the R.C. and OFC standards. The program and the use of the logo by a hotel in its’ establishment and its’ advertising campaigns will allow the public to readily identify those facilities that consistently meet the applicable fire and life safety standards (i.e., that consistently operate their business in a fire code compliant manner).

“Over time and as the program grows and all become familiar with it, Ohioans and the traveling public will recognize the logo much like they do a ‘Better Business Bureau’ or a ‘AAA’ decal,” State Fire Marshal Larry L. Flowers said; “it will be an indicator to the public that the facility is consistently being operated with their safety in mind.”

Under the Operation Safe Stay program, the SFM may designate a qualifying licensed hotel as a “Safe Stay Hotel” if the hotel meets certain requirements. Any hotel that is awarded the designation may then choose to use the logo either by displaying it in their facility and/or by using it in their advertising and print materials. To see an outline of the requirements a hotel must meet to be designated as a Safe Stay hotel, please click here. To see the laws and rules regarding the Safe Stay program, please click here.

To see a list of all licensed hotels in the State of Ohio and to see which facilities qualify as a Safe Stay facility, please click here.

For more information about the program and all of its requirements, please contact the SFM’s CEB at 614-728-5460 or toll-free at 1-888-276-0303.