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Renewal Guide

Renewal Guide

The Division’s online renewal portal remains open for business and is the fastest way for you to file and get your Authority to Operate (“ATO”) document that will keep you selling alcoholic beverages until we can fully process your renewal application. 

On December 14, 2021, the Division sent paper applications to the permit premises or safekeeping address of those permit holders that have not yet completed an online renewal. If you must file by paper, which is not recommended, please return your completed application(s), with fee, no later than January 18, 2022, to avoid a 10% penalty fee.

The below information is provided as an aide to Ohio’s liquor permit holders, it is NOT intended to be legal advice. This document may not cover all scenarios and may not address your specific set of facts. Any specific questions you may have regarding your situation should be directed to your personal attorney who can best advise you on what you should do, when you need to do it, and how to do it.

How do I file my renewal application in the online portal?

  • If you previously registered to file in the portal, an email has already been sent to the same email address that you used. Click on the link in that email and file now!
  • If you have never registered in the portal, you can sign-up now.
  • Once registered, including if you have previously registered, a link will be sent to your registered email to file your renewal. Check any spam/junk folders if you don’t receive it.

What permits expire on 2/1/2022?

  • Visit the Renewal Districts page (Permit holders in the dark red/brown color need to renew by 2/1/2022). Generally, permit holders east of I-71 (except those in northeast Ohio) must renew by February 1, 2022. This includes cities surrounding Columbus, Athens, Canton, Marion, Portsmouth, Youngstown, and Zanesville. 
  • Your need to renew applies even if your permit was first issued in 2021 prior to 2/1/2022. For example, if your permit was first issued on December 1, 2021, you will need to file a renewal application by 2/1/2022

I just renewed my February 2021 permit on/before July 1, 2021, do I need to renew it again?

  • Yes! The legislation that extended renewal deadlines until July 1, 2021 only extended your February 2021 renewal date. Your permit has now returned to its normal renewal date, February 1st. Once renewed on 2/1/22, your permit will expire 2/1/2023.

Upon completing your renewal application in the Division’s online portal, you need to:

  • Save/print your “Receipt/Authority to Operate” (“ATO”) document after checkout. 
    • As a backup, your ATO is also emailed to the same email you used to register in the portal, so be sure to check any spam/junk folders if you don’t receive it.
    • If you cannot find it, please contact liquorlicensingrenewal@com.state.oh.us. Include “ATO request” and your permit number in the subject line and a duplicate ATO will be emailed to you.
  • If you are open and operating (e.g., selling alcoholic beverages), you should post your ATO in a visible location at your permit premises until your physical permit/operating receipt is sent to you.
  • If your permit is currently in closing authority, safekeeping, or you are otherwise not allowed to be open (e.g., a nuisance has been declared at your location), then you can print the ATO document as proof that you filed your renewal application. However, the 12/6/21 ATO document does NOT, in those situations, allow you to operate. If you want to remove your permit from closing authority or safekeeping you must contact the Division’s Investigative Services Section first.

What is the last date that I can file my renewal application to avoid any penalty fees?

File your renewal application with the Division by January 18, 2022 to avoid an additional 10% fee per location. 

I got a letter to my permit or safekeeping address notifying me to file my renewal application. What should I do?

  • While you can file by paper (paper applications were mailed the week of December 13th to the permit or safekeeping addresses that, at the time of printing, we did not show as having filed online), the Division strongly recommends that you file online.
  • You should NOT file both by paper and online. Thus, if you filed online, discard the paper application. As noted above, it is possible that you filed online after the paper applications were printed but before they were mailed out.

I filed online and got an ATO that it is valid for 60 days from the date that I filed and paid for my renewal. When do I get my hard copy permit?

Regardless of whether you filed online or by paper,

  • For those locations whose renewal applications have been fully processed, you will receive a hard copy paper permit in the mail closer to February 1, 2022, which will replace your ATO, and provide you privileges until February 1, 2023.
  • For those permit holders whose renewal applications cannot be fully processed at this time, you will get an operating receipt in the mail, closer to February 1, 2022, which will replace your ATO and allow you to sell until February 1, 2023 or you are otherwise notified that some other action has been taken.
  • If Taxation notified us that your permit has a tax hold on it you should have received a pre-renewal letter from the Division and Taxation informing you that your February 2022 renewal is in jeopardy. Do NOT ignore that letter. You should immediately contact Taxation at liquorgroup@tax.state.oh.us to resolve your tax issues. If your tax issues remain unresolved when you file your February 2022 renewal application, the Division will send you a Tax NonRenewal Order instead of a hard copy permit. That Order will explain what you need to do and by when.

I got a letter from Taxation or the Division notifying me that my February 2022 renewal may be in jeopardy for failure to pay taxes. What should I do?

  • You should immediately contact Taxation at liquorgroup@tax.state.oh.us to resolve your tax issues.
  • Keep in mind the Division has NO information on what you owe or what returns you failed to file.

If you do NOT want to renew your permit for February 2022 and beyond.

If you do not want to keep your permit active, file a CANCELLATION request (fill out Section B and sign the form). 

I received a Tax Non-Renewal Order from the Division when I filed my February 2021 renewal application.

If you did NOT resolve your outstanding tax delinquencies with the Ohio Department of Taxation prior to July 1, 2021, you needed to file an appeal with the Ohio Liquor Control Commission (“Commission”) by the date stated in your Order.

  • Visit lcc.ohio.gov for more information on how to file an appeal with Commission

You should NOT be selling alcoholic beverages unless:

  • You appealed your Tax Non-Renewal Order to the Commission AND received a Stay Order; or
  • Taxation has notified the Division that your prior tax issues have been resolved at which point the Division will send you a liquor permit or operating receipt by mail.

Regardless of your prior year tax issues, or anything else that may be going on with your permit, you still need to file your February 2022 renewal application if you want to keep your permit active. 

I did NOT file a February 2021 renewal application by July 1, 2021.

Your liquor permit, pursuant to R.C. 4303.271(C), is in a cancelled failure to renew (“CFRE”) status and at this point has likely been cancelled for failing to file a renewal application.

You should NOT be selling alcohol at this point unless you have filed an appeal and received a Stay Order from the Commission.

To keep your permit active and get back to selling alcohol, you MUST file a February 2021 CFRE appeal with the Commission.

  • Visit lcc.ohio.gov for more information on how to file an appeal with the Commission.
  • You must go through this appeal process with the Commission before the Division can process your February 2022-2023 renewal application. 

Important 2022 renewal dates to remember:

  • Jan 3 Last date for Local Legislative Authorities to postmark their objections.
  • Jan. 18 Last date to renew with Division before 10% penalty.
  • Feb. 1 2021-2022 permits expire at midnight.
  • March 2 Last date to renew in-person or by postmark with the Division with 10% penalty.
  • April 1 Last date you can file a February 2022-2023 “cancelled failure to renew” (“CFRE”) appeal with the Commission.
  • May 2 Last date to appeal a February 2022-2023 H.B. 231 Tax Non-Renewal Order to the Commission.